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OVI Technology is a team which is basic on high quality, high technology and solid professional knowledge structure. We not only have professional technology talents who have master or doctor degree , but also have some engineering and technical talents who researched and committed to the PCB industry product for many years .  The combination of an excellent team has more outstanding advantages and it is the most powerful guarantee to satisfy our customers.
For many years, our company vigorously supports the development of rontier technology and new technologies. At present, many of our items have got the independent intellectual property rights. Such as the characteristics of PCB defects analysis software, the CMA data transformation software, the motion control software, the automatic positioning of PCB optical inspection, check the PCB light device, check the scanning images device, test the Profile analysis and design of the PCB defects and so on. Concentrate on creation and research promotes our technology to follow the world advanced level. New products are the fresh blood of an enterprise, only continuing to develop new products and create new value; the enterprise can be full of vitality and stand in a invincible position.
“Specialty casts the core technology, innovation makes sustainable development”

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