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AOI equipment working environment requirements
1.Temperature and humidity and air pressure
Environment temperature, humidity and cleanliness have great impact on the performance of equipment, this section lists the requirements
Temperature and humidity operating range: 18–24°C  40–60%
Heat dissipation: 2000Kcal/hour
Air pressure supply: providing 90psiat1cfm(3kgf/cm2 at28.3liters)air pressure. Compressed air must pass water, Gas separation valve filter
2.Power equipments
This equipment is very strict in power requirement, if the power supply can not catch up , it will effect the equipment’s performance seriously.
Voltage requirements: 380V+/-10%,50Hz, Three-phase five-wire system
Distribution requirements: 20Amp dedicated power supply
The average power consumption: 2500Watts
The equipment must connect safe earth wire
Power supply issues:
Power must exist in no high-frequency harmonics, and provide regulated power.
Machine and its around equipments must be used only one power supply wire alone.
Around 5M machine can not exist within the power transformer and the electromagnetic signal equipment..
Each power exports must own neutral wire and earth wire.
Earth wire must connect to the factory’s “earth” contact. It is forbid to trough shell.
In the machine position’s power input, the voltage difference between the neutral wire and earth wire can not be bigger than 1v.
3.Environmental Rules Guidelines
The cleanliness of a room has a big effort on the performance of a equipment. So preparing a room must obey the following standards.
Export of air conditioners can not be directly in front of a equipment.
Air conditioner’s air filters must be regularly cleaned and replaced.
Get away from the factory’s corrosion source in order to avoid corrosion of equipment.
Test the ground must use solid material and shall be easy to wash , to keep clean.
Test the top of a room , pay attention to the dust particles fall.
One way to keep the room clean is to maintain the air pressure in the room is higher than the outside. That’s a way to prevent dust coming in.
4.computer network
when using a computer network, please distribute the network RJ45 connector on the wall of a spot. HUB, IP address, SubnetMask, and Domainname. Some suggestions are following up:
when supplying equipment power, distribution box should be located between the host and repair board sets.
The machine must be placed on a flat, solid floor.
For safety considerations, you must install the breaker to cut off the machine when necessary, and all peripheral equipment supply.
During debugging power and running the equipment, you should ensure that the fan sequence is correct (platform normally aspirated).
In the machine around (four sides) must leave at least 1 meter of space for the installation and maintenance of machines used. And install two 220VAC power outlet as the power supply maintenance services.
Do not use carpets to prevent static electricity ,damaging the equipment’s electronic components.
Room lighting system should be installed for emergency used.
Communicate to outers and phone should be installed beside the machine.



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