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Ovi Vision Technology R&D Center has been verified for acceptance
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In golden autumn, it is the harvest day to Zhejiang Ovi Technology Co., Ltd which is the first PCB-AOI manufacture in China. In obtaining the approval by the State Council and set up the special government Technology Innovation Fund to support the SME company—SME Technology Innovation Fund ,at the same time, and ushered in “Ovi Vision Technology R&D center” was set up.
In Tuesday afternoon, October 12, 2010, accompanied by the leaders of development zone, head of the senior engineer Wenshi Yu with the expert group of the five went o Ovi vision technology R&D Center to listening the report of work efforts, looking into the program development process in details, and also visiting the R&D Center and laboratory. With rigorous examination of the expert group, “Oui Vision Technology R&D Center” has been verified for acceptance successfully……
Zhejiang Ovi Technology Co., Ltd is not only the first PCB-AOI manufacture in China, but also is the first professional vision technology R&D Center company in China.


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